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Dhanush’s Sir Movie News and Updates, Story, Trailer, Release Info

Venky Atluri Directorial, this film is produced by Sitara Entertainment. Dhanush is playing the role of a college professor, and actress Samyuktha Menon plays the female lead in this film.

Dhanush is happy for his first straight Telugu film. He said, Now we no longer speak about Telugu or Hindi or Telugu cinema, it’s Indian cinema. The story of Sir movie unfolds at a place that borders with Tamil and Telugu states, and one can witness both the flavours. I am thankful to Venky Atluri for this film. My sincere thanks to the entire team”. Dhanush pleases his fans by singing ‘Mastaru Mastaru’ song from the film. Samyuktha Menon cheers the audience and poses for pictures and selfies with the actors who played her students in the film.

Sir Movie Trailer



Sir’s trailer suggests that Dhanush is playing a role with multiple hues. It shows him a playful avatar and as the plot thickens, he is seen fighting for a greater cause. He is seen as a teacher sent to a government school as part of an upliftment programme. The elements such as comedy between Dhanush and Hyper Aadi, chemistry between the lead pair, the fight with Samuthirakani are creating a positive vibe for the trailer. The novel concept of educational reforms makes Sir the most sought-after film.

The trailer starts with fast cuts with thumping music. These set the tone for the trailer and hints at upcoming action-filled proceedings. As Dhanush steps into the college, there is some light-heartedness making way for comedy and romance. ‘Mastaru Mastaru’ song is breezy and established the characters bonding in the film. The stretch with Samuthirakani adds the serious tone to the film followed by Dhanush’s action to bring the change. This couple by G V Prakash’s reverberating theme music gives a joyous experience. Cinematography by J Yuvraj captures the essence of the film. Navin Nooli gives the film an unsettling pace with his sharp edits.

Story of Sir Movie

The story evolved from all the meme content floating around that I shift my base to a foreign country in the second half of my films. Then I wrote Sir’s story and narrated to Dhanush. He liked it instantly and gave his dates. That’s one of the precious moments in my life. Dhanush and G V Prakash had many blockbusters together, and I hope this film will become another one that’s notable for its background score.

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